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              About Us

              DM Intelligence

              DM Intelligence is an artificial intelligence development company that built AI solutions for small molecule drugs with high specific and affinity. Our proprietary platform, Artificial Intelligence Drug Discovery Platform (AI-DDP), integrates artificial intelligence technologies into the medical field to provide better service to pharmaceutical companies, academic centers and biotech companies.

              AI-DDP allow us to optimize leads with specific desired properties as well as design small molecules targeting specific site or receptor. Our platform has extensive capabilities of analyzing and predicting physicochemical properties, biological and toxicological activities of candidate drugs based on their structures. With all these techniques, we strive for break thoughts in the future of drug discovery and research.



              Hit Identification

              Discovering a new drug is more challenge and difficult. Hit identification is the first step for a successful drug discovery project. Manual screening and high-throughput screening become cumbersome and expensive, which identify one or few compounds from hundreds, thousands or even millions of compounds with the ability to inhibit the activity of targets. We develop innovative solutions to this problem: using molecular geometry model and energy model based on structural information to predict molecule-protein interactions and identify right, validated and high-quality hits.

              Predictive Models

              The quality of the candidate is the key determinant of a successful outcome of drug discovery programmes. Carrying out prediction studies prior to clinical development, such as analyzing and predicting physicochemical properties, biological and toxicological activities of candidate drugs may help in reducing workload, saving time, improving efficiency.

              Founder/CEO WeiDong Xie

              PhD. Imperial College London.

              Professor, Sun Yat-sen University

              Director, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

              CTO, CK Life Science Group

              CEO Lindan Biotech, Canada.

              VP Biotherapy Inc
              Dr. RiQiang Deng

              Professor, Sun Yat-sen University

              Bioinformatics scientist IT, and AI, deep learning, neural network.
              Dr. Da-Wei Gu

              PhD. Imperial College London

              Professor in Engineering, University of Leicester

              Research interests include robust control, optimal control, optimization algorithms.

              Chartered Engineer

              a Fellow of IET
              Dr.PingHua Sun

              At present, he is the head of Department of pharmacy, School of pharmacy, Jinan University

              Master of pharmaceutical chemistry, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University
              Doctor of Biomedical Engineering, Jinan University
              University of South Florida School of Medicine / Moffitt Cancer Institute postdoctoral

              College of pharmacy,Jinan University:Assistant(2002-2004)
              College of pharmacy,Jinan University:lecturer(2004-2010)
              College of pharmacy,Jinan University:associate professor/Master Tutor(2010-2015)
              College of pharmacy,Jinan University:professor/Doctoral supervisor(2015-Now)


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              DM Intelligence Raises Approximately ¥10 Million CNY ($1.5M USD) in Angel Round for Advance AI + Drug Discovery

              April 19, 2021
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              DM intelligence to attend 2021 AACR annual meeting

              April 13, 2021
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              Win win cooperation to promote the research and development of artificial intelligence innovative drugs
              DEC 19, 2020
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              WeiDong Xie


              RiQiang Deng


              DaWei Gu


              PingHua Sun


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